Victorian Goth

What comes to mind when you think of Victorian Goth clothing? Do you think of dark flowing dresses, a cloak, dark stockings, and maybe a long ballroom dress? I am drawn to this style due to its feminine and elegant charm combined with a mysterious dark and modern twist with a hint of rebellion. Maybe more than a hint.

The dress I am wearing is called a Victorian Goth mermaid dress. It is characterized by its fitted style and it flares at the knee which creates a mermaid-like tail. It’s truly a style of elegance and requires the perfect occasion to wear it in public. My husband insists I will be able to wear it somewhere and that it will not just hang in my closet.

This is a peek at my Victorian Goth girl cave. It is my private escape and also my blog studio during the dark winter months. I love how the dress gives me a preternatural appearance with this dark brown filter.

Victorian Goth is inspired by Victorian-era mourning clothes.  This style is marked by dark clothing, dark make-up, and a pale complexion.

I love the high neck style and vintage inspired rose-patterned black lace.

Mabel says it’s her girl cave, too. And she wants to explore more Victorian Goth. So stay tuned for more dark fashion during these dark winter months to come.

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    1. Hi Daniella, Thank you for your interest in Victorian Goth. That’s a good question, and I will add some links to my post as to where these outfits can be ordered. My dress is sold on Ebay and Poshmark as well (and similar styles).


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