Meet Mimi.


This my wonderful mom–she is 97 years young. She has been a constant source of emotional and spiritual support. She is a remarkable person of great faith, personal integrity, and keen intellect. In her prime, she was extremely industrious and possessed many talents that included cooking, sewing, gardening, canning, crocheting and even cabinet making. If there was a will, there was always a way with ingenuity and some elbow grease. I love my mom.

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  1. What lovely sentiments about your mom – and how fortunate you were to have her for so long…I did see your more recent post telling of her passing and I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my mother when I was 30 and though we’d had, at times, a difficult relationship, it is always hard to lose your mother. It is life-changing. My heart is with you.

    On a brighter note, once she had a grandchild (my sister’s daughter) she came to be known to everyone as Mimi, like your mother!

    Hugs, Bettye

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    1. Thanks, Bettye, for your kind words and condolences. My mom was a powerful force in my life. She had every intention of living to be 100 years old–she almost made it. I am sorry that you lost your mom at such a young age; losing our mothers is like a wound that never fully heals and they will always be missed. That’s neat that your mom was known as Mimi, too!

      I really enjoy your blog–it is down to earth and refreshing and you have some very good advice and fashion insight. (Your dog Caleb is so adorable by the way.) Thank you for liking my blog. It’s still a work in progress and I want to develop it more this year. Keep doing what your doing–it’s great!

      Warmly, Celeste

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      1. I’m most sad that my mother passed away just before I got pregnant with my daughter…and they never got to know one another. My mother would have adored Katie and I’m sad that Katie missed out on that.


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      2. I am sorry to hear that. Our grandparents hold a special place–my two sons only had one grandmother in their lives. Your daughter Katie is beautiful. You must be very proud of her. Also, I meant to tell you how excited I was that you liked my blog as you are like a blogger celebrity to me!

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      3. Oh jeez! Ha, blogger celebrity, you’re sweet 🙂

        I am *very* proud of my daughter Katie. She’s smart, independent, brave and so kind. She could stand to live a little closer to her mother but….

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