In Like a Lion

“Dear March – Come in – How glad I am – I hoped for you before – Put down your Hat – You must have walked – How out of Breath you are – Dear March, how are you, and the Rest – Did you leave Nature well – Oh March, Come right upstairs with me – I have so much to tell -” (Emily Dickinson)
20190302_202806.jpgHi Everyone, it seems that the lion of winter has sunk his teeth in and wants to hang on in spite of the fact that we are in the month when SPRING officially starts. Winter lingering is not a bad thing as it helps prolong the ski season which not only boosts the economy but helps to boost our mood due to more vitamin D exposure (and many other benefits listed here: 10 Benefits of Skiing). The ice fishing season is flourishing, too.
A cold March gives us a chance to wear our winter clothing a little longer. How is that for keeping a positive attitude! Let’s see how long I can maintain it though…
I dug deep into my closet and found some items I haven’t worn in a while and am incorporating them into today’s post. This is a colorful skirt that makes the winter blahs go away.  And the sweater seems to pick up the red in the skirt quite well–what do you think?20190302_201803-2-1-e1551579442521.jpgI am wearing the skirt with a couple of different tops. I find this denim jacket to be so versatile and can be dressed up or down. The darker the denim, the dressier it looks I think.
This checkered shirt is actually a dark navy but tends to looks black.  The denim jacket is a lighter color and lends to a more casual look.  The pants have 3% spandex which enables me to wear them to my tai chi class at work.
20190302_203231-e1551578495599.jpgHere is the real lion but he doesn’t bite. I want to introduce you to my wonderful kitty named Ishi. He was named after the “last known member of the Native American Yahi people from the present-day state of California in the United States.” My husband and older son learned about Ishi in a bow-hunting class and decided that was going to be this furry guy’s name.  He has the loudest purr I have ever heard in a cat (as opposed to a human) and he really locks eyes with you. Check out his gaze in my first picture.


20190302_203434-1-e1551579301491.jpgMy husband took this picture when we stayed at the Brewster Inn last weekend. I love the reflection of the lamp in the window. resized_20190223_204242_767.jpeg
I caught the early morning sky right before I left for work on Friday. A heavenly red sky in the morning may mean a devilish day.20190228181616_IMG_0167.JPG


That’s it for now–thanks for stopping by.
What I wore:
Skirt, Ann Taylor, thrifted
Red sweater, Cable & Gauge, TJ Maxx
Red tank top, Chicos Travelers Reversible Top, Chicos
Denim jacket, Westport, Dressbarn
Checkered shirt, Magellan, Macy’s
Beige pants, Soundstyle, TJ Maxx
Denim vest, Y Not Sportswear, thrifted
Black Mary Jane shoes, Aerosoles “Marimba,” thrifted
Brown leather booties, Franco Sarto, thrifted

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