The French Dressed Woman

Hi Everyone, Why do we think of the French when we think of fashion? I have been doing some research into the styles of French women, and I had an “aha! moment” when I realized their sense of style not only aligns with mine; but it fully captures the essence of classy and chic. And the French accomplish this in an easy carefree way.  It makes me want to simplify my wardrobe, save time and money by not giving in to trends, and thereby eliminating the quandary of what to wear. The end result:  less is more.


The timeless styles of French women encompass some straightforward guidelines as follows (see here for more tips):
   – Wear neutral colors such as ivory, beige, black, white, gray and navy
   – Do not wear all casual or all dressed up; mix it up
   – Do not over accessorize; keep jewelry to a minimum; delicate and feminine
   – Don’t look too perfect (this is the part that aligns with my style, ha!)
   – Say no to trends
   – Easy on the makeup
   – Balance fitted and loose clothing
   – No flashy logos
   – Wear black stockings or tights
   – Keep your look effortless and natural
   – Simplify your look
What do you think of the above guidelines? I embrace all of them but still want to create my own signature look in the process. And I think it’s okay to wear bold colors but in small doses. The bottom line: any style rule can be broken if it complements who we are. (See: Style mistakes and breaking the rules)
20190402_183732Casual and dressy20190331_191132-e1554250529648.jpgEffortless and natural20190331_194619Carefree simplicity20190331_190059Neutral colors with a small dose of color20190331_195725.jpgBlack pantyhose and neutral colors20190331_200118Did you know that actress Catherine Deneuve “wore a single pair of Roger Vivier buckled low-heeled pumps throughout her 1967 classic Belle de Jour, which got us thinking—you don’t need a thousand pairs of shoes to look fabulous, you just need one or two really great pairs to get the job done” according to
Au revoir, Imelda. I’m in love with these shoes.
Image from
20190331_190650-e1554253999355.jpg20190331_194707.jpg20190331_185747-e1554162787612.jpg20190402_183621.jpgAll of the clothes in this post are not new and were found in my “French” closet.  The red shoes are the only “new” item and were purchased for $21.56 and they are Ros Hommerson’s leather classic low heel pumps (and they are very comfortable). 20190331_195941.jpg
That’s it for now and I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!

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