A Summer’s Day

Summer came to visit one day
Abruptly I greeted thee
With moist skin and hot breath,
I politely offered tea.
Stay and linger for a while, if it so pleases ye –Sarah Connor
20190714035150_IMG_1675Happy summer, finally! We’ve had a stretch of beautiful weather and I don’t want it to end (as none of us do). It seems we went from winter to summer…abruptly. What are some of your favorite things to do in the summer? I had the chance to go canoeing with my husband this past weekend on a pond that is a restricted body of water as it’s a drinking reservoir. Only kayaks and canoes are allowed; no swimming or motor boats; some fishing is permitted during the summer (no ice fishing is allowed much to my husband’s disappointment). We had the whole pond to ourselves with the exception of loons, turtles and fish. All of the following pictures of the pond were taken with my smartphone.20190713_134706.jpgOur maiden voyage in this non-motorized watercraft. These padded canoe seats are sturdy and comfortable.20190713_143359.jpg20190713_135851.jpgWe thought this was a turtle sunning itself on the rock until we got closer and realized it was–a rock on a rock. I was expecting its “head” to move. 20190713_141643.jpgI want to bring my oil paints next time, Claude Monet. 20190713_144054.jpgOne of the few cabins on this pond. I would love to live year round on this quiet body of water.20190713_141902.jpgA reflection of the cumulus clouds in the water. 20190713_140237.jpg20190713_141727.jpgThis is my post-canoeing outfit that I want to share in today’s post. I am wearing a Liz Claiborne top, a pencil skirt by Talbots, and Naturalizer N5 Contour Okira Pumps. In spite of the 2 1/2 inch heels, these pumps are extremely comfortable and gently hug my feet. The “Imelda” in me decided to count the number of shoes I have by Naturalizer, and I currently have a mere 4 pairs. The only issue I have with this brand is that depending on the style, they can be slightly tight in the vamp. But these particular pumps are a beautiful exception to that. I highly recommend this pump.20190714035150_IMG_1674 (1).JPG20190714035940_IMG_1710_1.JPG20190714040723_IMG_175220190714040148_img_1720.jpgEven though I am not a big jewelry wearer, I love earrings and…bracelets. This is one of my frequently worn bracelets and has two of my favorite colors–turquoise blue and a warm red. What are your favorite colors for jewelry?20190716_195632.jpgMabel says stay tuned for more summer adventures to come.20190714_195021 (1).jpg

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