How to Enjoy the Dead of Winter

Golden marrow, hollow snares, yellow eyes and sunken stares,
Pretty once and kindly glares follow me through fallen hairs.
Never stop and never bare, the road unearthed and cold its lair
plod along its weary course ; forbear the load; do not despair (Sarah Connor)
Winter has officially begun and the “dead of winter” will be upon us soon. However, we have many reasons to enjoy this time of year and to appreciate what this season has to offer. Okay, give me a minute–I’m thinking…  Just kidding. One of the things I like to do is watch a scary movie as they can be an “appealing distraction” to being stuck inside on a cold winter’s day.  This link  provides “seven top picks of awesome horror films for those endless winter nights.”
According to this link,, instead of causing anxiety, watching a scary movie can actually help alleviate anxiety as it can make people focus their worry on something completely unrelated to it.
So you may wonder what all of this has to do with fashion. A lot of women love the winter months as it gives them a chance to wear their favorite sweaters, boots and scarves. For me, it’s about leggings, booties, cardigans and wool blend skirts. Oh, and the little black dress.
Visiting charming country inns is another great way to break up winter’s monotony. This is the warm and inviting entrance room at the Chesterfield Inn in Chesterfield, NH, which I had the opportunity to stay at a couple of weekends ago with my husband ( I highly recommend this inn to anyone looking for a luxurious romantic getaway that includes a gourmet breakfast. The inn also serves a sumptuous candlelight dinner in their dining room. And if you want to bring your dog, they have pet friendly rooms, too. (Next time Mabel, I promise.)20191214_14542020191215_10034520191214_145821And bon fires. They are the perfect “distraction” to winter doldrums.20191224_215316Stay tuned for more winter fashion next year!


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