“Silent Haunches”

the fog 3
20200229_091836I love the “Fog” poem by Carl Sandburg who describes the fog so simply and powerfully through a metaphorical cat. Aubrey is sitting looking not over the harbor but at me and with hairy eyeballs I might add. She is mysterious, unpredictable, and even a little scary just like that fog slowly and quietly creeping in.  (Thank you, Dan, for sharing this poem with me.)
The Fog poem gave me clarity of mind for the following opposite sunny days. I am wearing a classic wool cashmere, camel-brown dress coat by Marvin Richards. This coat will probably be in my closet forever.20200217_152115
20200217_153623A glimpse of Crotched Mountain peeking through the trees.20200218_145557



20200223_201742This is what I typically wear on weekends. You have seen this navy checkered shirt before and distressed jeans. But these burgundy Lucky Brand booties are new and were thrifted for $20.00.Mabel Feb 23 2020 (1)Mabel turns one on Monday, March 2. We are throwing her a surprise party—shhh. She thinks she’s still a puppy…an 85 pound one.

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  1. Well done as always…enjoy reading your blog/post…they flow so naturally. Mabel looks like a real character…her picture above made me smile. Happy B-Day Mabel!

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    1. Thanks so much, Janet. I appreciate your comment. Mabel is such a big lovable overgrown puppy and she will always seem like a puppy to me as she has such a goofy and playful personality. We love her.


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