January 11, 2018

Hello Everyone.  Here is it 2018 already and I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the new year. A lot has happened since my last post and I have to say with a sad and heavy heart that my dear mom passed away in November of  2017. My blog is dedicated to her and to her memory. She was the nucleus of our family and provided a strong support system for her children. She was truly an amazing woman in her own right and I will miss her so much. 20171125_172724My mom lived a long and rich life and had the most uplifting and positive spirit that made you feel happy and content about life after visits with her.  So I continue to dedicate my blog to my mom and I look forward to the year ahead.

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  1. Celeste Your mother has always been a special person to me even tho I have not seen her in person in a long long time . I still remember you and your brother s Danny and Joel. For quite a while I have been searching for Suzanne and if there is some way to contact her perhaps you could let me know. Your mother was such a strong lady and I remember her with admiration and so much love


    1. Hi Dorothea, thanks for your message and I apologize for the delay in replying. I did send you a message via messenger on FB with information on Suzanne. She lives in Claremont.


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