The Long Denim Jacket

Hi Everyone, it’s been quite a while since my last post and today’s fashion blog is about the versatility of the long denim jacket.  I was inspired to do this post by another fashion blogger who I follow called Stylin’ Granny Mama and here is the link to her wonderful blog:  I found my “new without tags”denim jacket on Ebay for $20 plus $8 shipping which was an amazing bargain as these jackets are considerably more on their website www.ethylclothing.comone more dressThe material of my jacket (coat actually) is 70% cotton, 27% polyester and 3% spandex and it’s very comfortable.  The jacket I am wearing is a medium and it’s 21 inches from armpit to armpit and 34 inches long.
The jacket goes well with both a dress and pants and I love the lines of the jacket with this dress. Another aspect I like about the jacket is that it allows you to wear a statement necklace for some visual interest. Here I am wearing it with a dress and then with pants. What do you think about this jacket/coat?  I would be interested in your feedback.  Thanks everyone for checking out my blog post. Photography credit:  Doug Connor

6 Comments on “The Long Denim Jacket

  1. I love it both ways. With the pants it is great. I am sure with boots it will be cute also


    • Thank you for your feedback I like your idea of the boots. I can envision tall boots with the pants and also with the dress. Thanks, Regina!


  2. Wow, it HAS been a long time since you posted! I thought I recognized your name when you just commented over on my blog, but til I followed your link here I didn’t realize who it was! Glad to see you still around!

    I LOVE this denim jacket and it’ll go with So Much in your fall wardrobe (even your white pants, ha ha!).

    Hope you keep blogging!



    • Thanks so much, Bettye, for your comments. That’s a great idea of wearing the denim jacket with my white pants. Also, if I call the color “winter white,” then I can wear them all year long I think. Would it be okay if I referenced your blog in any of my upcoming posts? I really like your blog, your creative well-written dialogue and your fashion style. I am hoping to be active with my blogging and want to incorporate more things in my blog such as my pets, my interests, etc. Thanks again for your reply.

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