The Pencil Skirt

Woman’s best friend, her dog
Hi Everyone, today’s post features the classic pencil skirt which is a slim fitting skirt with a straight, narrow cut. It can fall at the knee or slightly below and be considered as business casual. Also, it can provide a slimming silhouette as well as an elegant elongated look depending on the length. The first pencil skirt was designed by Christian Dior as part of his “H-Line” collection of 1954. Since the mid 50’s, the pencil skirt has become an essential element of the working wardrobe with the hemline rising and lowering depending on the prevailing fashion.  It usually has a vent at the back since its slim shape can restrict movement. The classic shoes to wear with a pencil skirt is the pump with sheer stockings. Back-seamed hosiery recalls the classic pencil skirt era of the 1950’s, and I do have back-seamed hosiery in my wardrobe but have not ventured out with them yet. Maybe that will be a future post if I’m adventurous.  My dog, Bailey, has been my faithful companion for many years and loves posing for the camera. She rarely leaves my side when I’m home and redefines the term “faithful companion.”


I am going to show three different pencil skirts and they all fall at the knee and have a  pattern which include paisley, herringbone and plaid. I am wearing them with jackets and blouses I have worn before and posted on my blog. The long denim jacket has literally been my go-to jacket this fall. I must thank Stylin’ Granny Mama for the inspiration.Resized_20181014_151304_6420resized_20181014_140019_988-e1539563528957.jpegDo you like the long denim jacket or the shorter denim jacket better with this skirt?Resized_20181014_141404_9251
I wore this burgundy jacket in my previous post–it is very versatile and the perfect weight and warmth for this time of year.resized_20181014_145718_7388.jpeg
I am not a big jewelry person but really like this statement necklace. It adds some visual interest to the cream colored blouseResized_20181014_143353_7261I couldn’t resist and had to include one more picture of my beloved Bailey. She is literally smiling here.resized_20181014_151841_5535-e1539565063976.jpegBailey is hamming it up for the camera
What I wore:
Colorful paisley skirt:  Merona, thrifted
Herringbone skirt:  Talbots, thrifted
Brown plaid skirt:  LL Bean, thrifted
Cream silk blouse:  Anna and Frank, eBay
Black pointed toe leather pumps:  Sofft Shoes, Macy’s
Pearl statement necklace:  eBay
I also thank Bettye of Fashion Schlub for inspiring and encouraging me to continue with my blog. I highly recommend her blog at
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4 thoughts on “The Pencil Skirt

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  1. Aww, what a nice comment!

    I love all your pencil skirt looks! You asked which we prefer, the short or long jacket? I think I prefer the longer jacket over that skirt as it creates a single long line which can be more slimming (not that you need any help there!). But I think if you had a top tucked into the high-waisted skirt, then the shorter jacket would work as you’d already have a horizontal line at your middle, the open jacket would just sort of “soften” it, if that makes sense.

    And Bailey is such a lovely lady!



    1. Thanks, Bettye, for your feedback and I like your suggestion regarding having a top tucked in with the shorter jacket. I am definitely going to try that as it does makes sense. I have this habit of not doing that with my blouses and need to explore that look. And Bailey thanks you for the compliment, too!

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