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20190114_184229Meet Aubrey. Yes, she’s cute. And her fur on my clothes is extra cute but I don’t care. I have four pets in my household which consists of three cats and one yellow lab. I am one cat over my “limit” which is the kitty you see here. But who could resist a face like hers, not to mention whiskers!
My sweet husband recently bought me a new camera and I am in a beginner’s mode and trying not to put my fingers on the lens. It’s a new Canon Rebel T6 and I hope to show you some “stunning” photos in my next post. So please bear with me in the meantime during my learning curve. I was previously using a Canon Powershot SX160 IS and my Samsung smartphone (mainly my smartphone).
I thought I would take this opportunity to review some pictures I took over the summer.  And I say summer as it seems soooooooo very long ago and a distant memory from our current sub zero temps. 20180929_152156I love this long denim jacket and plan to wear it A LOT this coming spring (which will be precisely 6 weeks from February 2 per Punxsutawney Phil, right Phil???).  I like the long, clean lines of the coat and its versatility.
Here is another favorite of mine:20180929_125735The moto jacket can be dressed up or down.20180929_15020420180929_145717Here are a few more pics from the summer and early fall:resized_20181014_135937_7372.jpegJackets with pants3resized_20181014_144438_8320.jpegunabashed picture of aubrey
This pose really captures the essence of Aubrey’s personality. She is a true rapscallion at heart and I say that fondly.
My next post will demonstrate my mastery of the Canon Rebel T6–stay tuned and thanks for visiting.

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