Farewell Faithful Friend

“I measure every Grief I meet
With narrow, probing, eyes —
I wonder if It weighs like Mine —
Or has an Easier size.”  (Emily Dickinson)

Bailey on dock.jpg

We lost our best friend over the weekend and life will not be the same without her.  She was 11 years old.  Her name was Bailey although her birth certificate said “Baby Cakes.” She was an amazing dog who provided endless unconditional love and comfort.  Bailey enriched our lives and touched our hearts. Possessing the sweetest disposition, she made the perfect therapy dog, family pet, soulmate, and best friend.
One minute she acted like an overgrown puppy and the next minute she was ready for a nap on our bed, which of course, was also her bed. Here she is chilling out.Bailey on bed.jpg
In her favorite chair with her best bud, Maude.

bailey with maude

She knew some of her toys by name which included Oscar, Wilbur, Red and Squeaky.  Nothing made her happier than to play ball in the house, go for long walks, or go for a ride in the car. She especially loved going to the dump with my husband and barking a greeting to the resident cat.  One of the things I loved about her was that she really locked eyes with you when you talked to her and she listened very intently.  I swear she could read my mind when she gazed into my eyes and also knew the exact mood I was in.
This is slightly blurry (my apologies), but I was trying to capture her in motion with her ball.



Even though she was a lab (breed known to love water, have webbed toes and an otter’s tail), she didn’t like going into the water and preferred to sun herself on the dock.Resized952017062895123605955472.jpg


bailey on dock

Bailey had an amazing smile.bailey smiling
Dad, take this silly thing off me; I will not chase that squirrel, I promise.bailey goofy image
Bailey having a beer on a hot summer afternoon (a little “hair of the dog”).bailey-having-a-beer.jpg



This is a drawing I did many years ago.20190129_071720

bailey on water

I am such a good girl she says.


Goodbye sweet girl. You will live forever in my heart and mind. I love you.


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  1. Oh no! Oh, I’m SO so sorry. I know what a huge loss it is to your life and your heart to lose your beloved dog. She’s so lovely and I’m sure you’re missing her very much. Big hugs to you and your family.


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