Longing For Spring

“Longing is like the Seed
That wrestles in the Ground,
Believing if it intercede
It shall at length be found.

The Hour, and the Clime – 
Each Circumstance unknown,
What Constancy must be achieved
Before it see the Sun!”  (Emily Dickinson)

My mom in her 20’s
Hi Everyone, Emily Dickinson’s poem, Longing is like the Seed, has a twofold meaning for me. Yes, I am longing for spring as many of us are right now.  But I am also longing to get back to the blog I started in honor of my mom and create something that will both satisfy that longing and please my mom if she were still alive. 
I took a couple of weeks off from my blog after the passing of my sweet dog and I’m trying to slowly make my way back; please bear with me. My new camera remained untouched for two weeks.
As a result, I am still in beginner’s mode with my camera.  I took this picture early one morning. It looks like a city of gold and it also happens to be our state’s capital, Concord, NH.20190124191628_img_0036-e1548463765446.jpg
This is in the same location which looks very rural but I am literally right off one of the busiest streets in Concord, the third largest city in New Hampshire.
Now to the fashion side of things. I do not have a lot on this subject this week but I want to share my recent experience in trying to find a new top at TJ Maxx to go with this colorful skirt. I have previously worn it with a dark blue top but it has elements of gray (one of my favorite colors in the winter) and wanted to change things up. Which sweater top do you think works better?  (I need a new phone case, too.)
This sweater felt so soft and cozy.
I liked them ALL but opted for the first sweater top because it has short sleeves and will be more versatile in wearing all throughout the year. Not to mention that it was on sale for $15.00.
Before I go, I wanted to share with you the most touching picture that our vet sent to us after our dog died. This is a nose print of our beloved Bailey. My vet said that dog nose prints are unique–no two are alike.
It’s pretty amazing I think.
I hope everyone has a great week and thanks for stopping by.
What I wore:
Skirt, Talbots, thrifted
Short-sleeve sweater top, T Tahari, TJ Maxx
Boots, Enzo Angiolini, thrifted

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