Mabel “Black Label”

Be prepared for cuteness overload…20190427222906_img_1108-e1556481165106.jpgMeet Mabel, the newest member of our family who has stolen my heart. She is a Bernese Mountain dog (aka Berner), 8 weeks old and 14 pounds here in these pics.  Look at the size of her paws!20190427222847_IMG_110720190427223019_IMG_111220190427_084505.jpgResized_20190428_144211_3762
I feel like a parent all over again with a brand new baby. There is no end to all of the things this baby requires which include but not limited to:  leash, collar, car seat covers, harness, chew toys, dog bed, puppy pads, brush and comb set, teething rings, flea and tick protection, puppy food, training treats, and lots of LOVE.  I know I am biased, but she is so gosh darn cute and perfect!
She is also very mellow and laid back for a puppy. One of the reason we chose the Bernese breed is because of their good-natured and affectionate temperament; they are calm and easy going and they also make great watchdogs. However, they are not vicious or aggressive and are known to be patient and gentle especially with children. They make the perfect family pet. 20190427_121324 (1)No, we are not going to let her sleep in our bed, ever!20190427_121300 (1)Never ever in our bed20190427_110752.jpgThis link talks about the history of the Bernese (where did Bernese Mountain dogs come from).  The Bernese is a very old breed “brought to Switzerland by the Romans 2,000 years ago.”  
I did manage to take a few fashion blog pics before we brought our new puppy home. My next endeavor is to take some fashion pics WITH Mabel. 20190421_173543Here I am wearing my long denim jacket again which I love. You have seen this silk blouse before and this skirt.  This silk blouse can be put in the washer and dryer and not shrink which I did by accident, so it’s tried and tested.20190421_200949.jpg20190421_17375020190421_17411020190425_205135.jpgThis is a combination of casual and dressy.  I like to mix it up in this way. These booties are Coconuts by Matisse and are extremely comfortable. 20190425053843_IMG_1091_1.JPGWhat is missing in these pictures?  Mabel, of course. Stay tuned while I round her up for my next post.20190425053122_IMG_1058My find of the month: these black slingback shoes, G.H. Bass Pippa Comfort Heel. They were originally $70 and I got them for $39.99 at the local Bass Shoe Outlet. They have  a 1.65″ heel, flexible lightweight rubber sole, and a pillowsoft footbed. They redefine comfort. 20190428050842_img_1126.jpg20190421034407_IMG_0978They can be worn with a dress, skirt, or even jeans. I am wearing these shoes with both skirts featured above.
Thank you for stopping by and my next post will feature me and Mabel together on this bench. 20190425_210747

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