Cabin on the Lake Fashion

We had the opportunity to stay at this charmingly rustic and cozy cabin on the water for a week in early June. Since the cabin is only 4 miles away from our primary home, it has many “staycation” advantages including going home to feed the kitties and water the plants.


My clothing checklist for a week on the lake in order of priority:  black dress by Michael Kors, heels by Life Stride and off-black pantyhose. Secondary items:  bathing suit, shorts, tank tops, sandals, and other “regular” beachwear.



I love the incongruity of my black dress with the rusticity of this cabin.
This warm and welcoming cabin includes all of the comforts of home and feels like a true “getaway.” I was able to capture the sunrise early one morning near the dock. The mornings here are tranquil and restorative.


20190615_213442 (1)Caught the night sky over the little island one evening. Can you see the faces in the clouds? Some of them look rather sinister.
20190610_152447Celebrating “Margarita Monday.”
20190608_082413The cabin has a little beach area which makes for easy in and out of the kayaks which is no small feat to perform gracefully.
20190611_072437I am in control of my own small floating vessel and master of my destination.


The happy ferns love all of the moisture we’ve had lately. Caught this pic during one of my power walks.


This guy’s overbite is a little more pronounced each year I was told.
One of the first things that Mabel did was jump in the water. Here she is drying off and thinking about another dip.


Celebrating our last night at the lake.

20190616030526_IMG_1459 (1)

Lupines are my favorite perennial. These showy flowers improve soil fertility by mixing nitrogen in the air and making it usable by other plants.
Thank you for letting me share my week of vacation with you.  Stay tuned for beachwear pictures…


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