Menswear Inspired Style


Okay, so I meant literal menswear inspired style. And thanks to my younger son again I was inspired to wear this…suit. It actually pertains to my femme-fatale fashion style ideas which I touched upon in my last post and will continue to explore. My inspiration: Scarlett Johanssen and Kate Blanchette:
scarlett johanssonPhoto by Russel James
Doesn’t Kate Blanchette ooze confidence but in a sensual way?
kate blanchette.jpg
Published March 26, 2014, Vogue Australia

marlene dietrich

Marlene Dietrich in Paris, 1933. (Photo by Mercedes De Acosta.) Her style of dress was the epitome of elegance and sophistication. At a time when women rarely stepped out of a skirt, she embraced menswear fashion in full force, defying social norms, resulting in a sexy, powerful look.
The simplicity of menswear helps to produce a polished look and when feminine elements are added, the end result is classy and chic.
I think a skinny black scarf would be the perfect accessory to this slightly masculine blazer. And the ruffled collar of my blouse and high-heeled pumps give it a feminine twist.
The moto jacket which I previously featured here is a combination of masculine and feminine; it is also a timeless and convenient wardrobe piece. 20180929_151849-e1560729610842.jpg
While my menswear inspired suit below may not be something I would wear to work, I might wear a more feminine version of it combined with a colorful skirt. How would you feminize a masculine tailored blazer and tie?


I have been on vacation this past week and I will be sharing many photos of my recuperative break including new pictures of Mabel.  Speaking of my sweet puppy, here she is smiling at 15 weeks of age and 33 pounds.


Enjoy your week!

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