Lengthening a Skirt Part 2

In my last post, I had talked about how to lengthen a skirt or dress by simply adding lace to the bottom. This is the skirt I lengthened in my previous post here. It was my supervisor who had given me the idea, and now I am out of control adding lace to every skirt and dress I own (okay, I am exaggerating but only slightly). Here is another skirt I have sewn lace to and my next project will be one of my dresses. My skirt is now is an inch and a half longer. What do you think? 20190813_193448.jpg20190813_193247.jpg20190814_12205920190814_131748.jpgI cannot get Mabel to look at the camera as I do not have my photographer’s assistance today.
Another way to lengthen a skirt or dress is by wearing a slip extender. Slips do not always have to be hidden and they can add a classy, chic style to your outfit in addition to serving as an easy solution in keeping you covered.  20190817234215_IMG_1988.JPG20190817232253_IMG_1979.JPG20190818_133138This white knee-length floral lace skirt is approximately 23.5 inches in length and works with most of my skirts and dresses.
My brother wanted me to explain the meaning of the title of my last post as being a play on words in the word reveal versus revel which brings to mind Shakespeare’s “Midsummer’s Night Dream.” The title of my last post is using the word “reveal” of midsummer in a way that pertains to summer revealing its fresh greenery through my photography. And it was technically midsummer in the pictures.
The following images are a continuation of the reveal of midsummer as these were taken in early July. The gardens below belong to a friend of mine who is an amazing gardener as you will see:20190720_20042920190720_19592720190720_195006 (1).jpg20190720_195016.jpg20190720_194821.jpg20190720_194551.jpg20190720_200418.jpgThese are the three stages of our early evening sky last week on August 8 all within a few minutes of each other. I thought we were going to get a severe thunderstorm but it bypassed us.
7:14 p.m.20190808060329_IMG_18837:34 p.m.20190808063100_IMG_18877:56 p.m.20190808065156_IMG_1890
I hope you enjoy the remainder of summer and follow me as I explore the reveal of early fall which is near at hand.


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