Living in the Moment

“There comes a warning like a spy
A shorter breath of Day
A stealing that is not a stealth
And Summers are away –” (Emily Dickinson)
20190901_165101The fact that we are nearing the end of summer hasn’t quite hit me yet. Summers always go by too quickly but this year it went by at lightning speed. However, I love the upcoming season and the many crisp and invigorating offerings of Autumn.
In an effort to slow down the passing of time, we can practice the art of living in the moment. Stop worrying about the past and do not be anxious about the future; worrying drains our energy and prevents us from living in the moment. In fact, this reminds me of the scripture at Matthew 6:34 that says: “Never be anxious about the next day, for the next day will have its own anxieties.”
So how do we live in the moment? Here are some tips I found to be very thought provoking at this link (10 Tips to Start Living in the Present).
I particularly liked tip number 3:  “Fully appreciate the moments of today. Soak in as much of today as you possibly can – the sights, the sounds, the smells, the emotions, the triumph, and the sorrow.” Our life as we experience it in the moment is what our life is about; not yesterday and not tomorrow; but right now.
My post at this moment in time, pertains to different ways to wear a tunic style shirt. I tend to be an “untucked” type of girl but there are some general guidelines that I tend to break on occasion. If the shirt has tails, it’s supposed to be tucked in, but if it has a flat bottom hem, it’s meant to be worn untucked. Well, I am wearing my shirt untucked, partially tucked and completely tucked:
20190823000355_IMG_2036_120190822235542_IMG_2021_120190823000618_IMG_2040_120190824_08460720190823004627_IMG_207320190823004341_IMG_2067Which look do you prefer? I am wearing skinny jeans which usually look good with a long, untucked tunic top.  But I think I could get away with the tucked in look. By the way, my shirt is by A.N.A.
Puppy update:  Mabel is officially six months old and almost 60 pounds now! Resized952019082495151648(0) (1)20190825040144_IMG_21252019082495151430 (1)Resized952019082495151708She has the most amazing smile. Enjoy your weekend and try to “live in the moment.”

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