All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

“A Lady red—amid the Hill
Her annual secret keeps!
A Lady white, within the Field
In placid Lily sleeps!” (Emily Dickinson)
20200323_101351I did some extensive traveling last weekend from my back door to this nearby bench in my yard.
When you think of red, do you associate it with love, romance, and passion? If you love wearing red, it might indicate that you are energetic, strong-willed, passionate; and a touch aggressive and outspoken. It may also reveal that you enjoy living life to its fullest and perhaps that you secretly like to indulge in a bit of risk-taking at times.
Red, the color of blood and fire, radiance and strength. This dress makes me feel powerful and energetic.20200323_10123220200323_101021Did you know that solid colors can be more slimming? That piqued my interest especially after letting a few pounds sneak up on me over the winter. Having one solid color on your top and bottom creates a vertical line, which is great for adding height to your body and slimming your figure. Also, there is something about the color red that soaks up the light in a flattering way.20200323_101548I love this military-inspired trench coat with silver hardware (by Michael Kors). This is the perfect lightweight coat for in-between seasons.20200323_101444


20200322_174845The material of this faux-wrap dress contains 95% polyester and 5% spandex (Women’s Laundry by Design). This makes my third faux-wrap style dress that I now own, and this one was thrifted for $19.99 (originally $138).20200327_171102
Mabel is all hunkered down and is providing us with much needed pet therapy during this difficult time.  Stay safe friends!

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    1. Thanks, Bettye. Hopefully that will eventually happen. I am rethinking my future posts and may focus on comfortable inside clothes which is half my wardrobe. Stay safe, too!


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