How to Wear a Striped Dress

20200419_194733I have always been told that vertical stripes can make our body look slimmer and horizontal ones can widen our body. There is controversy about the size of the stripes in that narrow stripes pull in our waist more versus wider stripes. And that narrow black stripes on a white background are thought to be most flattering. I have broken every one of those rules in my colorful striped dress and have offset it with a solid color denim jacket. What do you think? Is it okay to break the rules once in a while?20200419_194325


20200419020849_IMG_3542The dress that I am wearing is by Calvin Klein and is super soft and stretchy. My shoes are by Patrizia and they have a cushioned insole–they are so comfy. My bracelet is something that I made with my coworkers last year and I love the colors. Here is it up close:20190709080516_IMG_1661I have more striped dresses to show you in my next post. And Mabel says hi. We have a surprise for her coming soon in the form of an outside fenced-in play yard!20200420_151252.

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  1. I always thought it was vertical stripes that make a body look slimmer….hummm…? But you look great in anything… Wonderful sense of style.
    Love Mabel…although the fenced in yard might be a nice surprise for Mabel…I am sure it will give you peace knowing she can not wander off…
    Stay well…

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    1. Yes, you are correct–thank you. Mabel will be able to romp around in her new fenced-in yard and I hope to capture some pictures of her playing in it soon. Stay well, too, Janet.


      1. I looked it up on the internet…vertical stripes makes one look taller…but horizontal stripes “supposedly” make one look thinner. I wear very few stripes…You look great in everything…wonderful smile draws the attention of admirers.

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      2. Thank you, Janet. There seem to be a lot of different viewpoints about horizontal stripes versus vertical ones. I tend to like horizontal ones. I don’t have a lot of stripes in my wardrobe but am drawn to the maxi length of the dress and its colors.


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