How to Wear a Striped Dress Part 2

20200525_155145I have been on a striped dress kick and this is a continuation of my previous post here. This dress was so long that I had to take up the hem by four inches so that I would not trip on it. Now I am wondering if it looks too short for its style; however, you can see my pumps with this length. The material of this Liz Claiborne dress is 95% polyester and 5% spandex and I love the drape and flow of it.

One of my favorite styling pieces to wear with a maxi dress is the denim jacket. It makes for a great transition outfit before the heat of summer arrives, and the jacket adds a casual, chic look.

My leather pumps are by Array. They have a comfortable 2 inch kitten heel. I also have a blue shrug that goes perfectly with this dress and is lightweight and can be worn during the summer. I will have to show the dress to you wearing the shrug. This sleeveless dress is cool even on a very hot day when worn alone and with summer sandals.

This is a fun dress by LuLaRoe. It is a sheath-style dress and the material is 59% Rayon 38% Polyester 3% Spandex. It’s stretchy and very comfortable.

I like my lighter-colored denim jacket with this dress as I think it looks more summery. As a general rule, it is thought that lighter shades of denim draw attention to the body and darker denim creates a slimming effect. So at the risk of looking less than slim, I still prefer the lighter denim with this dress.

But I prefer the darker denim with this dress below.

Mabel loves her new play yard by the way. But you certainly couldn’t tell by her smile here.

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  1. Love your style…but …consider wearing different shoes with the lighter blue outfit! The red shoes should possibly take a long siesta during the summer.


    1. I actually wear tan sandals with this dress and brought them up with me to the bench to switch to as the red shoes are not something I would normally pick with the lighter dress. But the red shoes seemed like an unexpected look and I was wondering if anyone would notice. And you did! Thank you.


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