Animal print is timeless

I have always loved animal print, especially leopard and I have some of it in my wardrobe. This year, however, it seems that I see it everywhere and as a result, I have inevitably acquired more! It’s a timeless classic with a touch of chic. This skirt is by Ann Taylor and the top is by Calvin Klein. I love the top’s graceful cowl neckline. You have seen these shoes before–they are leather pumps by Array and the heel height is just two inches so they can be worn comfortably all day long.

I love this asymmetrical skirt below by Michael Kors as it flows so easily. The black cardigan is by Premise and I think the zipper pockets that are slanted vertically at just the right angle provide a slimming effect. You can wear any color in the rainbow with animal print but I chose this vibrant red top which is sleeveless, stretchy and wrinkle resistant–great for packing (by Chico’s Travelers).

Mabel is partial to animal print, too (ha!). She just got back from the groomers here and she looks very proud of her hair and nails. Stay healthy everyone!

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  1. Sarah…do you know a Celeste?? Never liked animal prints…but they look great on you, particularly the long skirt.


  2. I think the groomer forgot the nail polish on Mabel. A little glitter might add a little more sparkle. But…with that face …no one is going to pay attention to nails1

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