Styling With Polka Dots

I have a thing for polka dots apparently as I examined my wardrobe recently and found many items with that spotted fabric. Polka dots are either something you love or hate and I am on the love side. Also, they are a classic print that will always be in style.

Below is a dark polka dot blouse that I am wearing with a black skirt. The blouse is by Adrianna Papell and the fabric is very stretchy and comfortable. My skirt is also stretchy and it has a walking slit in the back (I cut off the tag and I cannot recall the brand.)

And polka dot pantyhose, too! These are Hanes control top premium perfect tights with a graduated compression. The leg has 24% spandex which feels so comfortable.

Did you know that polka dots came from the polka dance? According to this Cosmopolitan article, it was called the polka from the “Czech peasant dance of the same name, which picked up some steam in the 1840s and continued through the 1860s.” I think polka dots are very feminine and fun.

I was given a polka dot mug by my boss and it blends in perfectly with my blouse (purely coincidental). Thank you, Sherry! It’s my new coffee mug and the perfect size cup for a coffee lover.

Mabel did a photobomb. She was groomed yesterday and she is all fluffy and soft with a puppy fresh scent. This blouse is also by Adrianna Papell in a beige with black polka dots. I purchased both blouses at TJ Maxx.

This little black jacket has a moto style and I have worn it before here. It’s by Premise and another TJ Maxx find. I love the horizontal zippers on the side which provide a slimming effect.

I absolutely love the graceful flow of this black blouse by MSK. It has 5% spandex so it’s on the stretchy side. As you can see, I have the same blouse in red below. The black polka dot skirt is by Rachel Zoe and another TJ Maxx find. I am doing the polka dance below…

Pure Bohemian chic. That’s what this outfit makes me think of especially with the black Mary Jane platform clogs by B.O.C. which are insanely comfortable. And they are extremely lightweight in spite of their heavy bulbous style and three-inch heels.

This is a casual office/librarian skirt that goes perfectly with these Mary Jane clogs. The skirt is by Talbots and is fully lined.

And these clogs can be worn with jeans. This is my favorite style as I am combining relaxed and refined pieces for a smart casual look. These skinny, high-rise jeans are by Denizen (by Levi’s) from Target.

Mabel says let me chew on that for a while and I will get back to you. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

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