Dresses in February?

I love to wear dresses all year round regardless of whether it’s 8 degrees or 80 degrees. Not every day, of course, but when the mood strikes. When I wear a dress or skirt to work in the dead of winter, I will include a half slip underneath as they actually add warmth in addition to other benefits. Many women today no longer wear slips and some may not even know what they are! It is thought that the advent of the sewn-in lining has contributed to the demise of the slip. However, a sewn-in lining can ride with your dress when you turn or bend over which is of no use. A separate slip will act as a silky-smooth go between allowing for more fluid movement. This article talks about three beautiful reasons to wear a slip although there are way more than three: 3 Beautiful Reasons Why You Should Wear a Slip.

Here are a few of my favorite slips:

The black slip was purchased at Walmart for $8.00! The red one is vintage and has been in my wardrobe forever.

The slip above can also be used as a skirt or dress extender which is another practical purpose for the slip.

This teal blue dress comes from Shein and it was $15.00. A coworker told me about this company and they charge $3.99 for shipping and orders over $49.00 are shipped for free. I have two houndstooth skirts from them that I will show you in a later post (one is pink and the other is black). This dress is stretchy and comfortable but you may need to have someone zip the back of it for you. The material is on the thin side and a slip is a must for this dress.

Mabel recently received a birthday card from Chewey as she will be 2 years old on March 2! Do dogs go through the “terrible two’s?” Mabel is not telling.

Stay healthy and smile.

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