Living in the Moment

“There comes a warning like a spy
A shorter breath of Day
A stealing that is not a stealth
And Summers are away –” (Emily Dickinson)
20190901_165101The fact that we are nearing the end of summer hasn’t quite hit me yet. Summers always go by too quickly but this year it went by at lightning speed. However, I love the upcoming season and the many crisp and invigorating offerings of Autumn.
In an effort to slow down the passing of time, we can practice the art of living in the moment. Stop worrying about the past and do not be anxious about the future; worrying drains our energy and prevents us from living in the moment. In fact, this reminds me of the scripture at Matthew 6:34 that says: “Never be anxious about the next day, for the next day will have its own anxieties.”
So how do we live in the moment? Here are some tips I found to be very thought provoking at this link (10 Tips to Start Living in the Present).
I particularly liked tip number 3:  “Fully appreciate the moments of today. Soak in as much of today as you possibly can – the sights, the sounds, the smells, the emotions, the triumph, and the sorrow.” Our life as we experience it in the moment is what our life is about; not yesterday and not tomorrow; but right now.
My post at this moment in time, pertains to different ways to wear a tunic style shirt. I tend to be an “untucked” type of girl but there are some general guidelines that I tend to break on occasion. If the shirt has tails, it’s supposed to be tucked in, but if it has a flat bottom hem, it’s meant to be worn untucked. Well, I am wearing my shirt untucked, partially tucked and completely tucked:
20190823000355_IMG_2036_120190822235542_IMG_2021_120190823000618_IMG_2040_120190824_08460720190823004627_IMG_207320190823004341_IMG_2067Which look do you prefer? I am wearing skinny jeans which usually look good with a long, untucked tunic top.  But I think I could get away with the tucked in look. By the way, my shirt is by A.N.A.
Puppy update:  Mabel is officially six months old and almost 60 pounds now! Resized952019082495151648(0) (1)20190825040144_IMG_21252019082495151430 (1)Resized952019082495151708She has the most amazing smile. Enjoy your weekend and try to “live in the moment.”

Lengthening a Skirt Part 2

In my last post, I had talked about how to lengthen a skirt or dress by simply adding lace to the bottom. This is the skirt I lengthened in my previous post here. It was my supervisor who had given me the idea, and now I am out of control adding lace to every skirt and dress I own (okay, I am exaggerating but only slightly). Here is another skirt I have sewn lace to and my next project will be one of my dresses. My skirt is now is an inch and a half longer. What do you think? 20190813_193448.jpg20190813_193247.jpg20190814_12205920190814_131748.jpgI cannot get Mabel to look at the camera as I do not have my photographer’s assistance today.
Another way to lengthen a skirt or dress is by wearing a slip extender. Slips do not always have to be hidden and they can add a classy, chic style to your outfit in addition to serving as an easy solution in keeping you covered.  20190817234215_IMG_1988.JPG20190817232253_IMG_1979.JPG20190818_133138This white knee-length floral lace skirt is approximately 23.5 inches in length and works with most of my skirts and dresses.
My brother wanted me to explain the meaning of the title of my last post as being a play on words in the word reveal versus revel which brings to mind Shakespeare’s “Midsummer’s Night Dream.” The title of my last post is using the word “reveal” of midsummer in a way that pertains to summer revealing its fresh greenery through my photography. And it was technically midsummer in the pictures.
The following images are a continuation of the reveal of midsummer as these were taken in early July. The gardens below belong to a friend of mine who is an amazing gardener as you will see:20190720_20042920190720_19592720190720_195006 (1).jpg20190720_195016.jpg20190720_194821.jpg20190720_194551.jpg20190720_200418.jpgThese are the three stages of our early evening sky last week on August 8 all within a few minutes of each other. I thought we were going to get a severe thunderstorm but it bypassed us.
7:14 p.m.20190808060329_IMG_18837:34 p.m.20190808063100_IMG_18877:56 p.m.20190808065156_IMG_1890
I hope you enjoy the remainder of summer and follow me as I explore the reveal of early fall which is near at hand.


The Reveal of Mid Summer

Is it still mid summer? Let’s see–summer officially started on June 21 and will end on September 23, so technically, August 4 still qualifies as mid summer.  I took a couple of “mental health” days last week and visited the Emily Dickinson museum in Amherst, MA.  For those who know me, I am an extreme fan of hers and dedicated a post to her here.
I will be sharing some pictures of that visit in a future post. In the meantime, I wanted to talk about a simple but effective method on how to lengthen a skirt. My supervisor at work shared this idea with me and I immediately loved it. The skirt I am wearing was slightly short for my taste and I was able to add 1 1/4 inches to the length by hand sewing this lace to the hem. It took me literally 10 minutes to sew it by hand. I have added lace to another skirt that I will be presenting in another post.20190804_163653 (1)20190804_163331-e1564954172570.jpgI love this skirt now that it’s a little longer as I was previously thinking of donating it.20190804030738_IMG_1854The following pictures were taken in the original historic village adjacent to my hometown.20190725005716_IMG_1827.JPG20190725011848_IMG_1845.JPG20190725005452_IMG_1821.JPG20190725010017_IMG_183620190725005255_IMG_1816_120190725005735_IMG_1829_1resized95snapchat-768887211.jpegMabel is going to Dunkins for her munchkin.20190804030625_img_1852-e1564962758383.jpgThis was a mini post (but no mini skirts) and I hope you are all enjoying your summer.

A Summer’s Day

Summer came to visit one day
Abruptly I greeted thee
With moist skin and hot breath,
I politely offered tea.
Stay and linger for a while, if it so pleases ye –Sarah Connor
20190714035150_IMG_1675Happy summer, finally! We’ve had a stretch of beautiful weather and I don’t want it to end (as none of us do). It seems we went from winter to summer…abruptly. What are some of your favorite things to do in the summer? I had the chance to go canoeing with my husband this past weekend on a pond that is a restricted body of water as it’s a drinking reservoir. Only kayaks and canoes are allowed; no swimming or motor boats; some fishing is permitted during the summer (no ice fishing is allowed much to my husband’s disappointment). We had the whole pond to ourselves with the exception of loons, turtles and fish. All of the following pictures of the pond were taken with my smartphone.20190713_134706.jpgOur maiden voyage in this non-motorized watercraft. These padded canoe seats are sturdy and comfortable.20190713_143359.jpg20190713_135851.jpgWe thought this was a turtle sunning itself on the rock until we got closer and realized it was–a rock on a rock. I was expecting its “head” to move. 20190713_141643.jpgI want to bring my oil paints next time, Claude Monet. 20190713_144054.jpgOne of the few cabins on this pond. I would love to live year round on this quiet body of water.20190713_141902.jpgA reflection of the cumulus clouds in the water. 20190713_140237.jpg20190713_141727.jpgThis is my post-canoeing outfit that I want to share in today’s post. I am wearing a Liz Claiborne top, a pencil skirt by Talbots, and Naturalizer N5 Contour Okira Pumps. In spite of the 2 1/2 inch heels, these pumps are extremely comfortable and gently hug my feet. The “Imelda” in me decided to count the number of shoes I have by Naturalizer, and I currently have a mere 4 pairs. The only issue I have with this brand is that depending on the style, they can be slightly tight in the vamp. But these particular pumps are a beautiful exception to that. I highly recommend this pump.20190714035150_IMG_1674 (1).JPG20190714035940_IMG_1710_1.JPG20190714040723_IMG_175220190714040148_img_1720.jpgEven though I am not a big jewelry wearer, I love earrings and…bracelets. This is one of my frequently worn bracelets and has two of my favorite colors–turquoise blue and a warm red. What are your favorite colors for jewelry?20190716_195632.jpgMabel says stay tuned for more summer adventures to come.20190714_195021 (1).jpg

On Top of the World

20190707_132305This is one of my favorite secret spots which is referred to as “the top of the world,” with its panoramic views, surrounding hills, and open fields.  In an effort to escape the mosquitoes, I decided to venture up to this special place to sneak some pictures.20190706231919_IMG_1492.JPG20190706234418_IMG_1557.JPGThe dress I am wearing is by Westport 1962 which I purchased on sale at TJ Maxx for $12.99.  It redefines comfort as it contains 5% of stretchy spandex and is very lightweight. 20190706233009_IMG_1522 (1).JPGSimply put, this place is a “piece of paradise.”20190706233941_IMG_1538.JPGAnd the best part? There were NO MOSQUITOES!  20190707_153338I just love the greenery this time of year. I am back in mosquito land on my park bench at home.20190707010558_img_1575.jpgWith the help of one of my co-workers, I was able to create this beautiful bracelet with a variety of blue beads. It’s one of my favorite pieces. (Thank you, Nanette.)20190709080516_IMG_166120190707_155319.jpg20190707_15262320190707_152416.jpgHere is a glimpse of my garden which is in full bloom right now. 20190709055058_IMG_1640 (1)20190709054931_IMG_1636_1.JPG20190709055531_IMG_164920190709055338_IMG_1646I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

Something is Brewing


I had the opportunity to attend the 15th annual New England Brewfest which was held at Loon Mountain Resort on June 22.  This was my first time going to this type of event and I can confirm that “beer is good for what ales you.” Non-drinkers attended, too, and had access to bottles of water, live music and good food which included a BBQ food truck, wood fired pizza, and a cajun/creole food truck. While everyone looked like they were having a great time, it was a very peaceful crowd with the hum of good conversation and eager expectation of what the next beer sample will taste like. The beer tasting shot glass held approximately three ounces of delicious nectar. So even if one consumed 12 “glasses,” that would equate to approximately 3 beers at most throughout the course of the day. Do you like my pretzel necklace by the way? That is the “fashion” part of my post (ha!).
Resized952019062295154253It was a gorgeous day for the event; in the 70’s, sunny, and there was a refreshing breeze.Resized952019062295162813001

20190622_152301 (1)


20190622_151734A little Pig’s Ear Brown Ale anyone?  Brewed by the Woodstock Inn Brewery, this beer is tart, medium bodied with hints of caramel, sweet chocolate and roasted malts.
This was one of my favorite beers:  Springdale’s “But I Digress” New England IPA. It is fruity with a hint of pineapple, peach, and orange with floral and spicy notes. I thought it was smooth and delicious.resized_20190622_152823_1913.jpeg
Speaking of digressing, here is a pic of the sunset that my husband took on July 2. It’s breathtaking and is what the locals in my town call the “the overlook.”
This post is short and sweet but please stay tuned as I am on top of the world next.

Cabin on the Lake Fashion

We had the opportunity to stay at this charmingly rustic and cozy cabin on the water for a week in early June. Since the cabin is only 4 miles away from our primary home, it has many “staycation” advantages including going home to feed the kitties and water the plants.


My clothing checklist for a week on the lake in order of priority:  black dress by Michael Kors, heels by Life Stride and off-black pantyhose. Secondary items:  bathing suit, shorts, tank tops, sandals, and other “regular” beachwear.



I love the incongruity of my black dress with the rusticity of this cabin.
This warm and welcoming cabin includes all of the comforts of home and feels like a true “getaway.” I was able to capture the sunrise early one morning near the dock. The mornings here are tranquil and restorative.


20190615_213442 (1)Caught the night sky over the little island one evening. Can you see the faces in the clouds? Some of them look rather sinister.
20190610_152447Celebrating “Margarita Monday.”
20190608_082413The cabin has a little beach area which makes for easy in and out of the kayaks which is no small feat to perform gracefully.
20190611_072437I am in control of my own small floating vessel and master of my destination.


The happy ferns love all of the moisture we’ve had lately. Caught this pic during one of my power walks.


This guy’s overbite is a little more pronounced each year I was told.
One of the first things that Mabel did was jump in the water. Here she is drying off and thinking about another dip.


Celebrating our last night at the lake.

20190616030526_IMG_1459 (1)

Lupines are my favorite perennial. These showy flowers improve soil fertility by mixing nitrogen in the air and making it usable by other plants.
Thank you for letting me share my week of vacation with you.  Stay tuned for beachwear pictures…


Menswear Inspired Style


Okay, so I meant literal menswear inspired style. And thanks to my younger son again I was inspired to wear this…suit. It actually pertains to my femme-fatale fashion style ideas which I touched upon in my last post and will continue to explore. My inspiration: Scarlett Johanssen and Kate Blanchette:
scarlett johanssonPhoto by Russel James
Doesn’t Kate Blanchette ooze confidence but in a sensual way?
kate blanchette.jpg
Published March 26, 2014, Vogue Australia

marlene dietrich

Marlene Dietrich in Paris, 1933. (Photo by Mercedes De Acosta.) Her style of dress was the epitome of elegance and sophistication. At a time when women rarely stepped out of a skirt, she embraced menswear fashion in full force, defying social norms, resulting in a sexy, powerful look.
The simplicity of menswear helps to produce a polished look and when feminine elements are added, the end result is classy and chic.
I think a skinny black scarf would be the perfect accessory to this slightly masculine blazer. And the ruffled collar of my blouse and high-heeled pumps give it a feminine twist.
The moto jacket which I previously featured here is a combination of masculine and feminine; it is also a timeless and convenient wardrobe piece. 20180929_151849-e1560729610842.jpg
While my menswear inspired suit below may not be something I would wear to work, I might wear a more feminine version of it combined with a colorful skirt. How would you feminize a masculine tailored blazer and tie?


I have been on vacation this past week and I will be sharing many photos of my recuperative break including new pictures of Mabel.  Speaking of my sweet puppy, here she is smiling at 15 weeks of age and 33 pounds.


Enjoy your week!

The Fog

The Fog (Hours by Tycho; please play song while reading post)
The Fog
I see a glimpse of something bright amidst a hazy path
Dark shadows follow close behind oppressive in their wrath
The light ahead, an untold life, a promise of delight
It’s there I go, this path unknown unfolding in the night
The fog begins to lift while it reveals a sacred mystery
And the ray of light grows stronger still to record rewritten history
That can be mine if I so choose, a life I lead, control and rule
I see a glimpse of something bright,
My life untold, and finally set aright   –Sarah Connor
Today’s post is a conglomeration of recent photos, puppies, poems, music and a new fashion style. I discovered the song featured above called “Hours” by Tycho and it makes me reflect on life with a sense of poignancy. The music has a faint melancholy echo and evokes the past in a brooding, sensual way. I feel like my entire personal memories are compressed in this one song that in turn directs my thoughts to an infinite expanse of time.
Spring is one of my favorite seasons and I welcome its freshness and beauty. Even though we haven’t seen a lot of sun this spring, I am trying to appreciate the dark, dismal and dreary days through the following photos I took one misty morning. There is an element of hope silently emerging through the fog.


20190505173221_IMG_1144 (1)





Puppy update:  Mabel is almost 20 pounds now. Here she is at 11 weeks of age and growing like a weed, and chewing on them, too (not the cannabis kind, ha!).20190511_212401
One of my recent new interests is the fashion of film noir, meaning dark movie in French. Film noir is defined in the dictionary as a “style or genre of cinematographic film marked by a mood of pessimism, fatalism, and menace. The term was originally applied (by a group of French critics) to American thriller or detective films made in the period 1944–54 and to the work of directors such as Orson Welles, Fritz Lang, and Billy Wilder.”
The irresistible femme fatale, French for fatal woman, is a key element in film noir. This link interestingly mentions that she is a fantasy character for BOTH men and women through her ability to compete in a man’s world; she is confident, independent and rejects the idea of family. Likewise, she is sexy, seductive and provocative in an alluring but dangerous way. (
Her character reminds me of the attitude that the Flappers had in the 1920’s seen in my post here The Age of the Flapper. There is a definite correlation between the age of the Flapper fashion and femme fatale fashion such as in this photo. I just love the dramatic effect of the lighting.
Courtesy of FAYA—Canadian-PhotographerFilm-Noir-Fashion-Faya(
I absolutely love this picture below; its shadows and subtle imagery. And I have that same antique mirror and candle holder; just need to find a similar dress.
(Courtesy of Femme Fatale Fashion from Pinterest)women in mirror
Do you recognize this woman? It’s Lauren Bacall from the 1948 film “Key Largo.” I love the graceful neckline of her dress.
(Photo from Pleasurephotoroom at
The secret to recreating this style of fashion and intrigue through photography is the ability to create dark and moody images which is something I want to explore. The pictures below are not dark but they are black and white which produces an interesting mood and effect I think. What do you think? The gloves are to hide bruises caused by my puppy, seriously true. She is in the dog house right now.


Stay tuned as I explore the fashion of the femme fatale. I don’t need sunlight for that–just a slightly darkened room with proper lighting and camera exposure causing the right shadows and contrast (and I don’t mean the kind under my eyes).


Here is Mabel at my workplace behaving like a good girl with her toy. She was warned that any bad behavior would result in her being expelled and performing endless hours of community service. That certainly scared her–look at the worry in her eyes.
The fog has lifted. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone. 20190516_123542.jpg
Did you like the music?

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