Sliding into the Vortex

Sunday blog BaileyYou may wonder what the title of this post means. According to Abraham-Hicks, being in the vortex means “you’re at one with who you really are, you’re feeling great, and in vibrational alignment to your desires. It’s represented by feelings like enthusiasm, inspiration, passion, joy, and appreciation.” I am not specifically referring to that kind of vortex but rather I am talking about sliding into the vortex of winter and transitioning in a way that enables us to look at the positive elements of the cold months. And achieving that can be a challenge! What do you think of when you think of winter?  Perhaps you think of the cold, the ice, the darkness and maybe even sadness? Or do you think of cuddling by a warm fireplace, drinking hot chocolate, the smell of balsam, and cozy winter fashion. There is so much more fashion variety in the winter and this post will be the first in a series of posts on cozy winter fashion.  So which vortex will it be?  Cold and bleak; or cozy and chic.  Speaking of the cold, I tried to take some pictures outside today, but the wind was overwhelming and my eyes were streaming with tears.
This is a warm, cozy poncho style sweater and is perfect for this time of year and has autumn colors. In the winter, it can be worn as a sweater and would look cute layered over a dress with tall boots which I will explore later this season. I am wearing a burgundy camisole underneath and beige leggings.

Sunday blog Bailey 2

The poncho style sweater

My kitty, Aubrey, is the perfect photobomb. Here is an unabashed picture of her.

unabashed picture of aubrey

Bailey thinks it’s time to go for a walk, so let’s go for a walkabout round the neighborhood.

Rural Farm Oct 2018

I live in a rural area and here is a small farm at the end of my road. There is a yellow lab who lives here that my dog has a crush on. I will leave it at that.

Rural Farm 2 Oct 2018

Charming old farmhouse. I really love the barn and the porch.

The River Oct 2018

The Contoocook River. There is actually a golf course on the other side of the river.


I love these colorful bushes. Does anyone know what they are?

First Snow Oct 2018

I was just sitting on this bench last Sunday and feeling the warmth of the sun and wearing my pencil skirt and light jacket. Who is ready for snow? Anyone?
What I wore:
Poncho sweater, CB Established 1962, TJ Maxx
Beige leggings, SoundStyle, TJ Maxx
Beige booties, Franco Sarto, thrifted
Some of my favorite blogs:


The Pencil Skirt

Woman’s best friend, her dog
Hi Everyone, today’s post features the classic pencil skirt which is a slim fitting skirt with a straight, narrow cut. It can fall at the knee or slightly below and be considered as business casual. Also, it can provide a slimming silhouette as well as an elegant elongated look depending on the length. The first pencil skirt was designed by Christian Dior as part of his “H-Line” collection of 1954. Since the mid 50’s, the pencil skirt has become an essential element of the working wardrobe with the hemline rising and lowering depending on the prevailing fashion.  It usually has a vent at the back since its slim shape can restrict movement. The classic shoes to wear with a pencil skirt is the pump with sheer stockings. Back-seamed hosiery recalls the classic pencil skirt era of the 1950’s, and I do have back-seamed hosiery in my wardrobe but have not ventured out with them yet. Maybe that will be a future post if I’m adventurous.  My dog, Bailey, has been my faithful companion for many years and loves posing for the camera. She rarely leaves my side when I’m home and redefines the term “faithful companion.”


I am going to show three different pencil skirts and they all fall at the knee and have a  pattern which include paisley, herringbone and plaid. I am wearing them with jackets and blouses I have worn before and posted on my blog. The long denim jacket has literally been my go-to jacket this fall. I must thank Stylin’ Granny Mama for the inspiration.Resized_20181014_151304_6420resized_20181014_140019_988-e1539563528957.jpegDo you like the long denim jacket or the shorter denim jacket better with this skirt?Resized_20181014_141404_9251
I wore this burgundy jacket in my previous post–it is very versatile and the perfect weight and warmth for this time of year.resized_20181014_145718_7388.jpeg
I am not a big jewelry person but really like this statement necklace. It adds some visual interest to the cream colored blouseResized_20181014_143353_7261I couldn’t resist and had to include one more picture of my beloved Bailey. She is literally smiling here.resized_20181014_151841_5535-e1539565063976.jpegBailey is hamming it up for the camera
What I wore:
Colorful paisley skirt:  Merona, thrifted
Herringbone skirt:  Talbots, thrifted
Brown plaid skirt:  LL Bean, thrifted
Cream silk blouse:  Anna and Frank, eBay
Black pointed toe leather pumps:  Sofft Shoes, Macy’s
Pearl statement necklace:  eBay
I also thank Bettye of Fashion Schlub for inspiring and encouraging me to continue with my blog. I highly recommend her blog at
Thank you for checking out my blog and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!


Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

20181006_145708This is one of my favorite times of year and invokes thoughts of apples, pumpkins, cinnamon (and nutmeg, too). Have you ever had your color analysis done? I am a cross between a warm autumn and a deep autumn. But anyone can incorporate fall colors into their wardrobe by wearing just a splash of it through accessories, statement jewelry and even makeup (okay, hair color, too). Just to mix things up a bit, I am wearing autumn colors with plaid pants. My colors are yellow gold, cinnamon and burgundy red. Which colors look best with my plaid pants? I am inclined to liking my burgundy colored leather jacket best of all. I think that jacket is quite versatile and will explore its potential later in another post. The long warm cinnamon red sweater is so cozy, comfortable and warm.20181006_134808


My husband and I were invited to spend the weekend at this beautiful house on Squam Lake by my amazing sister and brother-in-law.  It was in honor of my sister-in-law’s birthday and she finds the most incredible places to stay.
The water is so clean, clear and refreshing, and the loons have not flown south yet.  Look at the low lying clouds in the mountains.
I was able to do some kayaking and stumbled into these mergansers.  They allowed us to get quite close to them.Resized_20181006_121843_9318.jpeg
There was some fall color emerging in places and it definitely was not peak season this weekend here although peak foliage happens in the blink of an eye and it’s over.Resized_20181006_120208_9598-1.jpeg
We went for an invigorating walk on Saturday morning.  I use the word invigorating as the sun was not out and it was chilly enough to wear fleece. But it was so tranquil and remote–my two favorite descriptors any time of year and in any location. Where do you think this road might lead to? I am not telling…squam4
What I wore:
Long burgundy duster by Tahari Women’s clothing (TJ Maxx)
Leather jacket by Leather Limited (Found at consignment shop)
Caramel jacket by Sanctuary Clothing (TJ Maxx)
Plaid pants by Carolina Belle (TJ Maxx)
Booties are by Franco Sarto (and are so comfortable)


The Moto Jacket

20180929_1254511-e1538262077685.jpgThe moto jacket–it’s not only timeless but stylish and versatile. The jacket I am wearing was purchased a couple of years ago but I have noticed it’s rebounded recently especially in a wide variety of colors. There is something about this classic style that calls to me and I admiringly appreciate the choices out there right now for this enduring fashion statement. My jacket is the original definitive black and it’s the perfect weight for this time of year. I am wearing it with both a dress and then with jeans and my jeans are the skinny distressed kind.  It’s a fun look for every occasion including dressy and casual. The dress is by Anne Klein and the jacket is by Max Studio. What do you think of the moto jacket?  Would you wear one and how would you wear it?

Here I am wearing it with jeans and a keyhole top which provides some much needed length to the skinny jeans. The jeans are labeled “Royalty for Me; WannaBettaButt?” And who doesn’t want that (ha!). And the top is “Roz & Ali.” The booties are Coconuts by Matisse and the style is called Winston. They booties are both extremely comfortable and stylish and the color of these is called saddle which is a classic color. I am also wearing the keyhole top with my long denim jacket that I posted about previously that I am having so much fun with.




Thank you for viewing my page and I welcome your comments.

Pop of Color with Black & White Skirt

I tend to gravitate towards classic styles and colors interspersed with unexpected elements. Today’s post is mostly classic with a pop of red.  Any color in the rainbow can be worn with this black and white striped maxi skirt which makes it such a versatile piece in my wardrobe but I have a passion for red and chose that color with this skirt. It’s actually a raspberry red. The unexpected element is the keyhole neckline of the top which provides some visual interest in this classic combination.  I am wearing it with this light colored denim jacket which gives it a more casual look. A darker denim would provide a dressier look.

How about that old tree behind me and its branches? (Ha!)
The side slits give the skirt a dressy look along with providing comfort and ease of walking.
The top is by Michael Kors and is a size medium.
This top washes well and is wrinkle free. If only our lawn could be leaf and branch free.

The Long Denim Jacket

Hi Everyone, it’s been quite a while since my last post and today’s fashion blog is about the versatility of the long denim jacket.  I was inspired to do this post by another fashion blogger who I follow called Stylin’ Granny Mama and here is the link to her wonderful blog:  I found my “new without tags”denim jacket on Ebay for $20 plus $8 shipping which was an amazing bargain as these jackets are considerably more on their website www.ethylclothing.comone more dressThe material of my jacket (coat actually) is 70% cotton, 27% polyester and 3% spandex and it’s very comfortable.  The jacket I am wearing is a medium and it’s 21 inches from armpit to armpit and 34 inches long.
The jacket goes well with both a dress and pants and I love the lines of the jacket with this dress. Another aspect I like about the jacket is that it allows you to wear a statement necklace for some visual interest. Here I am wearing it with a dress and then with pants. What do you think about this jacket/coat?  I would be interested in your feedback.  Thanks everyone for checking out my blog post. Photography credit:  Doug Connor

January 11, 2018

Hello Everyone.  Here is it 2018 already and I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the new year. A lot has happened since my last post and I have to say with a sad and heavy heart that my dear mom passed away in November of  2017. My blog is dedicated to her and to her memory. She was the nucleus of our family and provided a strong support system for her children. She was truly an amazing woman in her own right and I will miss her so much. 20171125_172724My mom lived a long and rich life and had the most uplifting and positive spirit that made you feel happy and content about life after visits with her.  So I continue to dedicate my blog to my mom and I look forward to the year ahead.

Humid for October 8

Today was a bit humid but I have layers and can remove the jacket if necessary. These skirts are very versatile and can be worn with or without a jacket. I already had both blouses in my closet for the skirts. I really love the colors in the blue/red skirt and the blue skirt goes well with teal, one of my favorite colors. I love this time of year and want to savor the lingering greenery. It won’t be long before it’s replaced by white snow…

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