The Fog

The Fog (Hours by Tycho; please play song while reading post)
The Fog
I see a glimpse of something bright amidst a hazy path
Dark shadows follow close behind oppressive in their wrath
The light ahead, an untold life, a promise of delight
It’s there I go, this path unknown unfolding in the night
The fog begins to lift while it reveals a sacred mystery
And the ray of light grows stronger still to record rewritten history
That can be mine if I so choose, a life I lead, control and rule
I see a glimpse of something bright,
My life untold, and finally set aright   –Sarah Connor
Today’s post is a conglomeration of recent photos, puppies, poems, music and a new fashion style. I discovered the song featured above called “Hours” by Tycho and it makes me reflect on life with a sense of poignancy. The music has a faint melancholy echo and evokes the past in a brooding, sensual way. I feel like my entire personal memories are compressed in this one song that in turn directs my thoughts to an infinite expanse of time.
Spring is one of my favorite seasons and I welcome its freshness and beauty. Even though we haven’t seen a lot of sun this spring, I am trying to appreciate the dark, dismal and dreary days through the following photos I took one misty morning. There is an element of hope silently emerging through the fog.


20190505173221_IMG_1144 (1)





Puppy update:  Mabel is almost 20 pounds now. Here she is at 11 weeks of age and growing like a weed, and chewing on them, too (not the cannabis kind, ha!).20190511_212401
One of my recent new interests is the fashion of film noir, meaning dark movie in French. Film noir is defined in the dictionary as a “style or genre of cinematographic film marked by a mood of pessimism, fatalism, and menace. The term was originally applied (by a group of French critics) to American thriller or detective films made in the period 1944–54 and to the work of directors such as Orson Welles, Fritz Lang, and Billy Wilder.”
The irresistible femme fatale, French for fatal woman, is a key element in film noir. This link interestingly mentions that she is a fantasy character for BOTH men and women through her ability to compete in a man’s world; she is confident, independent and rejects the idea of family. Likewise, she is sexy, seductive and provocative in an alluring but dangerous way. (
Her character reminds me of the attitude that the Flappers had in the 1920’s seen in my post here The Age of the Flapper. There is a definite correlation between the age of the Flapper fashion and femme fatale fashion such as in this photo. I just love the dramatic effect of the lighting.
Courtesy of FAYA—Canadian-PhotographerFilm-Noir-Fashion-Faya(
I absolutely love this picture below; its shadows and subtle imagery. And I have that same antique mirror and candle holder; just need to find a similar dress.
(Courtesy of Femme Fatale Fashion from Pinterest)women in mirror
Do you recognize this woman? It’s Lauren Bacall from the 1948 film “Key Largo.” I love the graceful neckline of her dress.
(Photo from Pleasurephotoroom at
The secret to recreating this style of fashion and intrigue through photography is the ability to create dark and moody images which is something I want to explore. The pictures below are not dark but they are black and white which produces an interesting mood and effect I think. What do you think? The gloves are to hide bruises caused by my puppy, seriously true. She is in the dog house right now.


Stay tuned as I explore the fashion of the femme fatale. I don’t need sunlight for that–just a slightly darkened room with proper lighting and camera exposure causing the right shadows and contrast (and I don’t mean the kind under my eyes).


Here is Mabel at my workplace behaving like a good girl with her toy. She was warned that any bad behavior would result in her being expelled and performing endless hours of community service. That certainly scared her–look at the worry in her eyes.
The fog has lifted. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone. 20190516_123542.jpg
Did you like the music?

Mabel “Black Label”

Be prepared for cuteness overload…20190427222906_img_1108-e1556481165106.jpgMeet Mabel, the newest member of our family who has stolen my heart. She is a Bernese Mountain dog (aka Berner), 8 weeks old and 14 pounds here in these pics.  Look at the size of her paws!20190427222847_IMG_110720190427223019_IMG_111220190427_084505.jpgResized_20190428_144211_3762
I feel like a parent all over again with a brand new baby. There is no end to all of the things this baby requires which include but not limited to:  leash, collar, car seat covers, harness, chew toys, dog bed, puppy pads, brush and comb set, teething rings, flea and tick protection, puppy food, training treats, and lots of LOVE.  I know I am biased, but she is so gosh darn cute and perfect!
She is also very mellow and laid back for a puppy. One of the reason we chose the Bernese breed is because of their good-natured and affectionate temperament; they are calm and easy going and they also make great watchdogs. However, they are not vicious or aggressive and are known to be patient and gentle especially with children. They make the perfect family pet. 20190427_121324 (1)No, we are not going to let her sleep in our bed, ever!20190427_121300 (1)Never ever in our bed20190427_110752.jpgThis link talks about the history of the Bernese (where did Bernese Mountain dogs come from).  The Bernese is a very old breed “brought to Switzerland by the Romans 2,000 years ago.”  
I did manage to take a few fashion blog pics before we brought our new puppy home. My next endeavor is to take some fashion pics WITH Mabel. 20190421_173543Here I am wearing my long denim jacket again which I love. You have seen this silk blouse before and this skirt.  This silk blouse can be put in the washer and dryer and not shrink which I did by accident, so it’s tried and tested.20190421_200949.jpg20190421_17375020190421_17411020190425_205135.jpgThis is a combination of casual and dressy.  I like to mix it up in this way. These booties are Coconuts by Matisse and are extremely comfortable. 20190425053843_IMG_1091_1.JPGWhat is missing in these pictures?  Mabel, of course. Stay tuned while I round her up for my next post.20190425053122_IMG_1058My find of the month: these black slingback shoes, G.H. Bass Pippa Comfort Heel. They were originally $70 and I got them for $39.99 at the local Bass Shoe Outlet. They have  a 1.65″ heel, flexible lightweight rubber sole, and a pillowsoft footbed. They redefine comfort. 20190428050842_img_1126.jpg20190421034407_IMG_0978They can be worn with a dress, skirt, or even jeans. I am wearing these shoes with both skirts featured above.
Thank you for stopping by and my next post will feature me and Mabel together on this bench. 20190425_210747

Spring Florals

20190407_181753Hi Everyone, Happy spring!  I vowed that I was going to keep a daily journal for the entire month of April as it’s my favorite month and want to savor every moment of it. How did eight days escape me and no journal yet!  That could be because I am now wishing the month of April to go by more quickly. You will find out the reason why in my next post. But in the meantime, let’s focus on April!
I think of light floral skirts when I think of spring. These are part of my pencil skirt collection which I did a post on here. These two pencil skirts are both lined, do not wrinkle and are so comfortable. Both skirts are worn with my versatile denim jacket by Liverpool Jeans Company.
20190408_14155920190407_19290520190407_194437.jpg20190407_183709This dark blue floral top is something I literally wear all year long. It is made of 7% spandex and 93% polyester so it washes well; is light weight, and is soft and stretchy.
20190407_18225420190407_182414The first picture was taken in early March; the second one the end of March; “in like a lion, out like a lamb.”
The night sky when I went for a walk this past weekend.20190406_20073020190407_182732Stayed tuned for my surprise in my next post which I am sooooooo excited to tell you about! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week.
What I wore:
Purple floral skirt, Talbots, thrifted
Blue floral skirt, Talbots, thrifted
Pale pink blouse, a.n.a., JCPenney
White top, Chicos, thrifted
Dark blue top, Westport, Dress Barn
Dark denim jacket, Liverpool Jeans Company, Amazon
Beige sandals, Rockport, Cobb Hill collection,
Black pumps, Cole Haan, eBay
Black sandals, Naturalizer, thrifted



The French Dressed Woman

Hi Everyone, Why do we think of the French when we think of fashion? I have been doing some research into the styles of French women, and I had an “aha! moment” when I realized their sense of style not only aligns with mine; but it fully captures the essence of classy and chic. And the French accomplish this in an easy carefree way.  It makes me want to simplify my wardrobe, save time and money by not giving in to trends, and thereby eliminating the quandary of what to wear. The end result:  less is more.


The timeless styles of French women encompass some straightforward guidelines as follows (see here for more tips):
   – Wear neutral colors such as ivory, beige, black, white, gray and navy
   – Do not wear all casual or all dressed up; mix it up
   – Do not over accessorize; keep jewelry to a minimum; delicate and feminine
   – Don’t look too perfect (this is the part that aligns with my style, ha!)
   – Say no to trends
   – Easy on the makeup
   – Balance fitted and loose clothing
   – No flashy logos
   – Wear black stockings or tights
   – Keep your look effortless and natural
   – Simplify your look
What do you think of the above guidelines? I embrace all of them but still want to create my own signature look in the process. And I think it’s okay to wear bold colors but in small doses. The bottom line: any style rule can be broken if it complements who we are. (See: Style mistakes and breaking the rules)
20190402_183732Casual and dressy20190331_191132-e1554250529648.jpgEffortless and natural20190331_194619Carefree simplicity20190331_190059Neutral colors with a small dose of color20190331_195725.jpgBlack pantyhose and neutral colors20190331_200118Did you know that actress Catherine Deneuve “wore a single pair of Roger Vivier buckled low-heeled pumps throughout her 1967 classic Belle de Jour, which got us thinking—you don’t need a thousand pairs of shoes to look fabulous, you just need one or two really great pairs to get the job done” according to
Au revoir, Imelda. I’m in love with these shoes.
Image from
20190331_190650-e1554253999355.jpg20190331_194707.jpg20190331_185747-e1554162787612.jpg20190402_183621.jpgAll of the clothes in this post are not new and were found in my “French” closet.  The red shoes are the only “new” item and were purchased for $21.56 and they are Ros Hommerson’s leather classic low heel pumps (and they are very comfortable). 20190331_195941.jpg
That’s it for now and I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!

The Color Red

“The Robin is the One
That interrupt the Morn
With hurried — few — express Reports
When March is scarcely on —
The Robin is the One
That overflow the Noon
With her cherubic quantity —
An April but begun —
The Robin is the One
That speechless from her Nest
Submit that Home — and Certainty
And Sanctity, are best” (Emily Dickinson)
Hi Everyone,
I hope everyone survived the full-moon week we recently had which was our last super moon for 2019, the worm moon. You may wonder why it’s called the worm moon, and this article (the meaning of the worm moon) provides insight as to why it’s given this rather strange name.  But it makes sense that it refers to when the “ground begins to thaw and earthworms reappear, soon followed by the return of robins.” And robins make me think of the color red.
Red is a warm color that evokes strong emotions. This color is associated with love, warmth, and comfort. It can be intense, or even angry; this color can create feelings of energy, excitement, and passion. But the red I am referring to is the red in my wardrobe and in my house. I am drawn to the color red even though my favorite colors tend to be varying shades of blue and green, the colors of the ocean. Your favorite color says a lot about you and according to this article (favorite color personality), “red is often the color chosen by someone outgoing, aggressive, vigorous and impulsive.” While I tend to consider myself to be more of an ambivert rather than an extrovert, I can relate to some of the characteristics of those who love the color red. And I do have red interspersed in my wardrobe and house as depicted below.








This post was supposed to be entitled “The Spring Super Moon,” but as life would have it, I was not feeling well and my husband drove out to the countryside in search of the full moon without me. He captured these photos with his phone which I thought came out really well.
Resized_20190320_194045_2302.jpegI LOVE this old barn.Resized_20190320_193746_2869.jpegThe shadow people have finally come to take me. Can you see the two kitties in this picture?20190324_085157.jpgThere’s no place like home.20190324_120437-e1553457859590.jpg


I hope everyone has a wonderful last week of March. Will it go out like a lamb?
What I wore:
Dress, London Times, thrifted
Red leather jacket, Leather Limited, thrifted
Black and white striped skirt, Ana, JC Penney
Red key hole top, Michael Kors, TJ Maxx
Red leather heels, Naturalizer Okira Crisscross Pump, Ebay, $9.99 (this was my find of the month!)

Irish for a Day

“It was not Death, for I stood up,
And all the Dead, lie down —
It was not Night, for all the Bells
Put out their Tongues, for Noon.
It was not Frost, for on my Flesh
I felt Siroccos — crawl — ” (Emily Dickinson)
Hi Everyone,
We are all Irish today, right? Saint Patrick’s Day is a worldwide celebration of Irish culture which also commemorates Saint Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints, who lived during the fifth century.
I do not have a lot of green in my closet and some of the tops below look slightly blue even though they are actually green.
Before the Guinness


After the Guinness
In all seriousness, I have not had any beer, yet! But I definitely plan to later today (just one).
My husband (who is truly Irish) bought me two tops to wear today to a local Irish Pub. Which one should I wear?20190317_143334 (1)
Paddy’s Irish Pub–this is inspired by the show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”20190317_145654
As you know, I love all things related to Emily Dickinson. Did you know that Emily shared her kitchen with an Irish immigrant for the last 17 years of her life? Her name was Margaret Maher (known as Maggie). Emily wrote in the kitchen while cooking with Maggie, her maidservant, and entrusted her with her cherished poems.
Maggie spent her life around people who wrote and she also had a creative writing ability of her own. She occasionally wrote letters and poems to which Emily would respond with her own poetry. This caused a bond to form between the two women resulting in Emily storing her poems in Maggie’s trunk, an authentic Irish trunk brought over from Ireland. (Irish Central Maid as Muse)
In spite of the fact that Emily asked Maggie to destroy the poems upon her death, she could not bring herself to destroy a lifetime of Emily’s work. She turned to Emily’s brother who agreed that they should be saved.
It is also noted that Emily’s Irish servants influenced her poetry. The poem quoted above is an example of the way people in Ireland speak English. According to Eife Murray, “That poem and that grammatical structure, it is classically the way people in Ireland speak English.” (Influence of Servants on Emily Dickinson’s Poems)
This is the black shrug I wore here.
This top has some vibrant colors and I usually wear it with white pants in the summer. But I think it also goes with this black skirt.
I am not sure about this black moto jacket with this skirt. I plan to revisit this look later this spring. I wore this jacket last fall in this post here.
There were no animals harmed during the creation of this post.



So there you have it. My entire collection of “green” clothes. And they do look rather bluish green in some of these pics. I hope you all had a great weekend.
What I wore:
Black skirt, Romeo & Juliet (Couture), thrifted
Gray plaid skirt, Larry Levine, thrifted
Green floral tops, both by Liz Claiborne, JCPenney
Solid green top, Erm London, thrifted
Paddy’s Irish Pub t-shirt, Superluxe, Amazon
Happy St. Pat’s Day (long sleeved), Aceshion, Amazon
Black Shrug, Premise, JCPenney
Shoes, LifeStride, Famous Footwear

Spring Forward

“A Light exists in Spring
Not present on the Year
At any other period –
When March is scarcely here
A Color stands abroad
On Solitary Fields
That Science cannot overtake
But Human Nature feels.” (Emily Dickinson)
Hello Everyone, Did you remember to set your clocks ahead last night? I am so excited about the extra daylight as I am sure everyone is. It’s a small sacrifice to lose an hour of sleep for an extra hour of wonderful natural light. But I may not feel that way tomorrow morning at 5 a.m.
I am not sure if we felt that extra hour of “light” today due to the snow, sleet and freezing rain. The black and white effect of today’s weather inspired me to incorporate black and white as my theme for today’s fashion post.
This is one of my favorite dresses seen in this post that just so happens to be black and white. I love the drape of the neckline and the clean lines. What do you think of the white fishnet stockings?  Fishnet stockings are more durable than regular pantyhose and I love the texture they add.


19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon; this is the same bottle from this post The Vintage Pleated Skirt and 19 Crimes.  I swear, it’s the same empty bottle.



Here is the dress with a black shrug which enables me to wear it even on a cold day like today.


This is another black and white outfit that is perfect for this time of year. The material of this classic button-down blouse is rayon and polyester and it washes beautifully.
The pencil skirt is leg hugging but stretchy and comfortable. It does not have a back slit and doesn’t need one.



Maybe this is the “light that exists in spring.”
Simply bleak…but beautiful
20190303182555_IMG_0214Welcome, March.
These are the shoes I am wearing. I purchased them at Famous Footwear on sale for $24.99, originally $59.99. They have a breathable lining with a foam cushioned footbed and a flexible outsole with a traction tread.  They are sooooo comfortable.


I did some ice fishing with my husband on Saturday and what a beautiful day on the ice. This was the sky yesterday, 3/9/19.


This is inside the bob house looking out.


This lake was loaded with fish. My husband knew it was a good day when he ran out of bait. The final count: 4 bass, 5 perch, and 3 pickerel. This guy didn’t make it as the hook was deeply imbedded.


That’s it for now–have a great week everyone.
What I wore:
Dress, Anne Klein, TJ Maxx
Black Shrug, Premise, JCPenney
Skirt, Philosophy, JCPenney
Blouse, White Stag, Walmart
Shoes, LifeStride, Famous Footwear
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